After applying what can I expect?

We’ll review your application and get in touch to schedule a meet and greet with you and your dog. During this time we take your dog out for an “interview” which will consist of a 10 min walk, simple commands, and assess their reactivity to the environment. We will introduce your dog to Charlie the Salty Paws screener, and show your dog our van. If your dog does well we will take a ride around the block to make sure that they are comfortable. This is also a time to collect vet paperwork, sign our Salty Paws service contract, and discuss any special needs or allergies your dog may have.

We’ll then go back to Salty Paws HQ, review notes from the interview, and contact you within one to two business days.

How does the group/pack dog walking membership work?

After the application and on-boarding experience is complete we will send you a membership link where your first payment will be made for your desired group dog walking membership. After this, your dog will start their Scallywag Pack Adventures and you will automatically be billed each week on the same day. 

Please note if you are going on vacation or need to miss a scheduled adventure we need to be notified 14 days in advance to offer an account credit. 

Where do you take the Scallywag Packs on their walking adventures?

We explore the Seacoast of NH with wagging tails and salty paws. During the off-season we visit local beaches and parks along the coast. During the Summer we hike the woods of Exeter, Kingston, Hampton Falls and Portsmouth. This provides a variety of walking environments for your dog.

Can you explain how you manage the Scallywags?

We form the packs based on weight, age, and temperament. Which is why we ask so many questions at the start. We want the dogs to be comfortable with each other and this in turn ensures they have a great time together. All Scallywags are under the control of their pack captain via voice control and E- collar (when permitted).

How do you handle home access?

We provide an over the door handle lockbox! Our Pack Captains remove the key to pick up your pet and after pick up put the key back into the lockbox. This ensures the key never leaves your house and eliminates opportunity of becoming lost. If you have a garage code or key code we're more than happy to use that if you prefer.

What happens if my dog gets injured during the adventure?

All Pack Captains are Pet First Aid Certified. They also carry a first aid kit wherever they go just in case! If any injury does occur the Pack Captain will notify you immediately. Minor injuries will be treated on the trail. Should the injury require immediate vet attention the Pack Captain will cut the adventure short and will bring your dog to the vet location you provided in your application.

What type of weather do you go out in?

We go out in all types of weather. The only exceptions are extreme weather and temperature which would put your dog and Pack Captains at risk.

What will you do if my dog gets all muddy?

Each Salty Paws van is equipped with a portable hose! Your dog will be hosed off and dried as much as possible before being placed back in your home.

How do I know the Pack Captains are credible and honest?

Salty Paws and all employees are insured and bonded should any unforeseen issue arise. Our Pack Captains go through several background checks before they join our Salty Paws Pack. As business owners, home owners and pet owners we strive to employ the utmost credible individuals.

Is this a year round service?