Scallywag Solo Membership

Solo Walking Membership

We now offer Solo Scallywag Memberships. We recognize that group walks aren't for all dogs. With our one-on-one solo dog walks, your furry friend will enjoy the company of an experienced pack leader while getting the exercise, potty break, and affection they need! 

Solo walks are ideal for:

  • Older dogs who prefer a calm environment
  • Slower dogs who need to walk at their own pace
  • Dogs with special needs
  • Dogs who haven't learned to be in social settings with other dogs
  • Puppies that are waiting to complete their vaccinations who can't be around other dogs yet 

Solo walks are on a membership plan and billed monthly. Pick how many days a week and how long you would like the visit or walk to last. Pricing details are below! 

15 minutes - $15 per walk

30 minutes - $25 per walk

60 minutes - $35 per walk

Each additional dog add $10

Apply for a Solo Scallywag Membership today!


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