About Us

Hello. Welcome to Salty Paws!
We’re Abbie and Erin, the co-founders of Salty Paws, Seacoast NH's Premier Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service. After getting a dog (Charlie) of our own in 2018 we quickly realized that he needed much more exercise than a few daily walks. As young working professionals, it was hard to give him the physical, mental, and social stimulation that he needed and deserved. #GUILT 
We searched the Seacoast of NH for daily group dog walking services…with no such luck. After some serious brainstorming we decided the solution to our problem was to develop our own dog walking business right here in Hampton, NH, but with a twist; outdoor adventures for your dog. 
We want to help our community by offering a dog walking and pet sitting service that caters to people like us. Busy humans who love their dogs. We want to be the service you look to when you need help to provide the best life possible for your dog.  
Stay Salty!