Nail Trimming & Filing

Nail trimming is an essential part of your Scallywag's grooming routine. Keeping their nails at the proper length will ensure their comfort and safety while they're zooming down the trail, playing with their bestie, or hanging on the boat. 

Dog Nail Trimming

Not to mention maintaining proper nail length will add longevity to their  mobility, allowing them to participate in their favorite activities for many years to come.

The Technical Benefits of Regular Nail Trimming

  • Regular nail trimming will cause the quick (the inner part of the nail containing blood vessels and nerves) to recede. A
    shorter quick reduces the risk of nail related injuries and is easier to maintain.

  • Nails that touch the ground transfer pressure to the paw, ligaments, and leg bones changing the biomechanics of the paws structurally. This hinders proper function, thus leading too many different conditions such as splayed feet and arthritis among others.

Splayed Dog Foot
  • Long nails reduce traction. Reduced traction equates to slips, falls, ligament tears, and expensive veterinary bills along with a very sad doggo.

  • While we all love being greeted by our furry friends nobody wants to be scratched when they're saying hello or goodbye. This is even more so if your pup has a habit of jumping on your car doors or little children in your home. Trust us we've learned from experience.


We're currently offering three subscription options at the rate of $20/trim & file/dog: 



Bi-Monthly (Twice a Month)

This service is only offered to those with current Scallywag Memberships. The date of which this service is added to your subscription is the week your Scallywag will receive their nail trimming every week, month, or twice a month. No need for scheduling appointments, drop offs, or pick ups. It's a set it and forget it type of service keeping your furry friend feeling and looking their best always.