March Madness

Well, what can we say about March 2020? It's the month that felt like the middle ages. Except not the cool middle ages with knights in shining armor, epic sword battles, and castles. Instead, it was dreary and filled with heartbreak and fear. It's been a difficult month for humanity altogether as we all do our best to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. At Salty Paws, we're doing our best to take care of our Scallywags, their parents, and our neighbors. We hope you're doing your part to help as we all navigate these uncertain times.

One thing we're thankful for is that luckily, dogs can not contract the virus. (Thank you Jesus, Buddha, Jewish God, Zeus etc.) Our Scallywags have been a ray of bright light for us at Salty Paws as we're sure they have been to many of you who are spending more time at home. Below are some of our favorite dog walking photos we snapped while exploring the Seacoast this March. We hope seeing your crazy pups in action will brighten up your day. For our clients who are on the front lines, nurses, doctors, and first responders we THANK YOU so much for your contributions and the sacrifices you're making during this time. We love and appreciate you guys!


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