5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Walker

If you are a dog owner then you know first hand that if your dog doesn't get enough proper exercise or attention during the day you will have a ruff night ahead of you. Many of us lead busy lives and sometimes as a result our dogs don’t get the exercise they need and deserve. Check out the 5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Walker in your life.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Walker:

  • Curb unwanted behavior - So long to barking, chewing on unauthorized items (sorry couch), trash diving, digging up the yard, and the occasional surprise they leave you for when you return home (💩). These unwanted behaviors are in part due to excess energy needing to be released and without proper exercise your dog will take it upon themselves to release that pent up energy anyway he sees fit.
  • Relaxation after a busy day - After a long day at work all you really want to do is wind down and relax for the rest of the night. If your dog has been cooped up all day, he'll want the exact opposite. When you hire a dog walking service they will be much more inclined to relax and cuddle up on the couch with you - after all he had an eventful day while you were working. 
  • Time - We simply do not have enough of it. A dog walking service will help to free up time in your busy schedule. 
  • Peace of mind -  Do you feel guilty every day you go to work like “I’m sorry little buddy, I'll be back later” and then cry your way to work? Yeah me too. Rest assured that your pup will be picked up at his scheduled time and dropped back off. One less problem to stress about. 
  • Convenience - Having a dog walker on a scheduled basis, who picks up your dog, takes them on an adventure and drops them back off is the epitome of convenience. Not to mention all on a membership plan! 

Next time you are thinking about hiring a dog walking service keep Salty Paws in mind. We are here to help improve you and your dogs life, one adventure at a time! Please visit our website at Saltypawspet.com to learn more about our dog walking memberships.



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