5 Reasons Why Having A Dog Walker Improves Your Pooches Life

In our last blog post, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Dog Walker we pointed out the human benefits of having a dog walker. In this blog post, we’ll point out the benefits for your dog.

5 Reasons Why Your Dog Needs a Walker

1. Exercise - Your dog needs regular exercise in order to avoid major health issues such as obesity and behavioral issues. Most dogs need at least one hour of exercise a day and some need much more in order to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. A few potty breaks a day is not enough for our furry friends. As the saying goes, “a well exercised dog is a good dog”. 

2. Mental Stimulation - From pick up to drop off, riding in the van, hiking/adventuring in new environments, training commands, and meeting new dogs all require lots of mental stimulation. Not only will they be tired from the exercise but also the mental work involved in being a Scallywag. 

3. Attention/Affection Pack Captains make sure that all of the dogs are getting the attention and affection they desire. Lots of pets, kisses, and time is put into building a relationship with each and every dog in the pack.

4. Socialization - Your dog will meet new dogs as they join the Scallywags, hike as a pack, encounter unfamiliar people/dogs, and experience many different environments along the way.

  • 5. Routine - A regular and consistent routine is very important for dogs to have in order to feel secure and loved. Feeding, exercise/walking, playing, and quiet time should all be on a schedule for your dog.  Hiring a dog walker to come at the same time on a schedule will help to fulfill a portion of this need. Your dog will thrive on their new walking routine and may even be the highlight of their day.

    Next time you are thinking about hiring a dog walking service keep Salty Paws in mind. We are here to help improve you and your dogs life, one adventure at a time! Please visit our website at saltypawspet.com to learn more about our dog walking memberships

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